Helium 2019

October 18, 2019

Hall «Neva»
«Kempinski Moika 22», Saint Petersburg

Dear Sirs!

CREON Conferences has the pleasure of inviting you to the Eight International «Helium 2019» Conference. The event is held in St. Petersburg at Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 on October 17-18.

The global helium market is expecting changes. In the nearest future, the USA will reduce production due to depletion of helium reserves. Qatar will launch a new site with a little delay in 2020. Another year later, Russia will also claim its share in the market, when the Amur GPP is commissioned. The growth of helium production in Australia, Canada and Tanzania should also be considered.

Russia can become one of the regulators of the global helium market by rapidly increasing gas production and supplies to the customers. The construction of the Logistics center for helium containers (‘Hub’) is strictly synchronized with the Amur GPP project; it has now entered its active phase. Therefore, the supply of Russian helium sourced from the gas produced at Chayanda field via the Eastern route will start in 2021. Helium production unit at Yarakta field is also scheduled; after its launch, the market balance may change.

CREON Conferences is proud to be the first organizer of the conference in the Eastern Europe, where all the important market players and experts can discuss the situation in helium industry and its development prospects, share their plans and conclude mutually beneficial agreements.

The key topics of this year’s Conference include:

  • Overview of the global helium market and development outlook
  • Overview of the Russian helium market
  • Helium price formation
  • Target markets for Russian helium
  • Advanced equipment for helium storage and transportation
  • Development of infrastructure for helium transportation

Every year, the Conference brings together more than 100 delegates from Russian and international companies. The audience includes production and processing enterprises, engineering companies, research and design organizations, suppliers and consumers of helium. We invite you to join our delegates. We look forward to meeting you!

For further information on this conference, please contact: +7 (495) 276-77-88, е-mail:

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