Plastics of Russia Forum 2019

November 22, 2019

Hall «Moscow»
Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Ladies and gentlemen!

The CREON Conferences company is glad to announce the holding of  XII Forum "Polymers of Russia-2019" which will take place on November 22nd in Moscow at Baltschug Kempinski hotel.

The polymeric industry is a rapidly developing and extremely important sector of the Russian economy. The launch of new capacities for production of polymers has significantly changed the alignment of forces within the market: the deficiency on the majority of commodity positions has been already covered, raw materials import has been also replaced, export shipments are increased, the branded range is expanded, the share of the most high-marginal and perspective goods is increased.

The last years showed that the segment of domestic processing can grow even in the presence of a list of barriers. The players continue to work actively, having been adapted to the anti-Russian sanctions loading, instability of ruble and even to weak support from state bodies.

Still there is one big "but": long-term persistent falling of consumer ability of the population and investment activity leads to inevitable decrease in sales volumes of end products, including products from plastic. Processors are in great need in support.

During the Forum the following urgent issue will be discussed: if it is true that the producers of raw materials and processors are "on one wave"? What measures can become an incentive for development of interindustry cooperation in the line "the raw material producer/ the processor of raw materials – the distributor/seller of finished goods"?

For 12 years the Forum remains the main branch platform for meetings of the leading Russian polymeric enterprises where each player of the market, whether it is the producer, the processor, the seller, distributer, or the investment or engineering company, can bring up urgent problems and find the needed solutions.

 At the Forum the discussion agenda will include the list of key issues:

• the priority directions and decisions for a processing segment
• customs regulation
• prospects of exchange trade in petrochemistry
• logistic infrastructure of interaction between the producers of raw materials and end   consumers
• the existing and planned measures of state support of the polymeric industry.

For further information on this conference, please contact:                    +7 (495) 276-77-88, е-mail:

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